YWCA National Footprint of Women’s Empowerment

This interactive map showcases the powerful ecosystem of over 200 YWCAs across the country. With evidence-based research that is aligned with our mission, we are proud to highlight key data points that demonstrate the broad impact of our 160 year history. As we strive to engage and educate stakeholders, government officials, new partners and women from various backgrounds, this is our national effort to create a new paradigm about the importance of data in America's women’s empowerment movement.

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About YWCA and Opportunity Zones

85 YWCAs are located in Opportunity Zones across 33 states serving over 680,000 women, girls and their families.

About this project and methodology
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Our Mission in Action: A Confident Vision for a Meaningful Future
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2.3 million+

Women, girls and children enrolled in YWCA associations nationwide.


Women and children benefiting from prevention programs focused on sexual assault, trafficking, domestic violence and more.


Women and families benefiting from YWCA health, wellness, recovery and training programs.


Women and girls being empowered, advancing economically and becoming leaders through YWCA programs.


Community members involved in programs to eliminate racism.


Women and children finding security in YWCA housing, food assistance and immigration assistance programs.

How to Get Involved in Your Community

Racial Justice and Civil Rights

Fight racial profiling in education and in your community with the Racial Profiling Community Watch Checklist and the Racial Profiling Education System Checklist.

Empowerment and Economic Advancement

Promote gender equality for women and girls in the workplace, community, and business with the YWCA Economic Empowerment Checklist.

Health and Safety

Protect women and girls of color by fighting domestic violence and promoting healthy lifestyle habits with the YWCA Health and Safety Checklist.